15 years of experience in wireless test and measurement industry and electronic communication product manufacturing industry
JTPmak integrated company integrating development, production, sales and service
Our customers are all over Europe, America, Asia and other countries and regions
WIFI product semi-automatic test production line

WIFI product semi-au...

We developed and produced the whole line Wifi test equipment for a famous foreign telecom company.The production plant cooperated by the telecom company is far away in South America. In the early stage of trial production, we provided good online support & training, as well as 24H hotline and email technical support. The production line has been running steadily for more than 2 years, with no major faults.
Wifi throughput MIMO OTA test system

Wifi throughput MIMO...

This system is a wifi R&D test system independently developed by us, which consists of shielded absorbing chamber, rotating table, antenna array, RF components and software algorithm,..etc. It can accurately verify the reliability of wifi products. This system has been sold to the research departments of several famous wifi products companies.
Automatic Audio tester

Automatic Audio test...

This kind of audio testing equipment is provided to a number of mobile terminal manufacturers in the industry, with good appearance, stable performance and convenient maintenance.In the picture, the audio test equipment was reported by CCTV.
Automatic RF PCBA shielding tester

Automatic RF PCBA sh...

We cooperate with a number of robot automation solution companies to provide a large number of different types of automated RF PCBA testing platforms to most mobile terminal manufacturers in the industry, which is an active practitioner of the national machine replacement plan.In the picture, the automation production line containing the test equipment provided by us was inspected by our great national leaders.

Strive to be the leader in the field of RF and audio testing in China
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